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Hikvision - 4MP - 8MP (4K) HD

ColorVu CCTV from Amey Security Systems Ltd
ColorVu camera colour image all day and night from Amey Security Systems Ltd

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Selecting CCTV can be a minefield. Careful selection of equipment is vital. Here are some of the pitfalls we have seen.

A poor camera housing that attracts debris, rain drops or spiders. You will find that the infra-red night vision highlights these and the bounce back dazzles the camera causing it to black out the image you want to see.


A low image frame rate can let you down. If you want to capture a still the  image is likely to be too blurred to be any use.


A great camera can be let down by the wrong lens selection.  A 2.8mm lens will give a wide field of view but any close up enlargement will suffer as a consequence. A 12mm lens will get very close in but have a very narrow view.


Usually a 4mm lens is advisable as it gives a good 90 degree field of view without compromising the picture quality too much but each setting is different and a good camera in a poor position with the wrong lens will be a disappointing waste of money. 

Modern IP CCTV systems using Very High Definition 2 to 8 MP cameras give clear and crisp images. No more banding or electrical interference


Full HD 1080P up to Ultra High resolution 4K SYSTEMS WITH REMOTE VIEWING OVER INTERNET

No image degradation even when viewed on a large flat screen TV.


We have set our entry level at 4 megapixel cameras as these give a  better chance of seeing detail when the image is enlarged compared to lower resolutions.

4K systems are now available at the top end of the market.

Network ready for remote viewing via smart devices


android/apple compatible

WE will carry out a free site survey allowing us to correctly assess your requirements to ensure our CCTV systems meet your needs.


All our systems can be connected to the customers broadband service via network cable for remote viewing over the internet or on Apple and android smart devices via the 'HikConnect' app.


Usually we will recommend fixed vandal resistant cameras as standard. The benefits of fixed cameras mean they are always looking at a single dedicated area and never pointing in the wrong direction when an incident occurs.


The images captured are stored on NVR recorder units. These are usually networked (subject to a satisfactory network ready connection) and viewed over the internet via smart phones / devices

I.P. based Hikvision systems are usually recommended due to the outstanding picture quality and minimal cabling requirements. Each camera is fed by a single network cable to carry both clear video images and the D.C power supply (P.O.E - Power over ethernet). This cuts out the interference often seen with normal analogue systems induced from the premises mains supply.

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